About Us

Bamboo Rock  is a turnkey events solution for groups & individuals from across South Africa and abroad. If you’re looking to set your private or corporate get-togethers against the beautiful backdrop of Cape Town’s kaleidoscope of splendours then Bamboo Rock is all you’ll ever need.


Through many years of experience, we’ve discovered that the success of events is mainly due to one thing: UNDERSTANDING.  Profoundly, that’s also something we pride ourselves on. Our team comprises of seasoned event-coordinators with many, many high-end gatherings in their impressive portfolio. Bamboo Rock has built its extensive practice on that thorough and thoughtful approach of understanding and the result is a company dedicated to first building relationships and then throwing a bash specifically designed to take your breath away.

We’re dependable.

At Bamboo Rock, we like to say that we speak the language of events. It means that for us, there are no cultural barriers or continental divides on the journey towards a stunning affair. If you want to tie the knot amongst the Fynbos, make executive decisions in a lavish 5-star coastal hotel, or celebrate life atop the iconic and enchanting, Table Mountain – the travel, the dining, the accommodation, and good times are guaranteed with us. 

Bamboo Rock.”


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